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Haite Bliksem

since 2011


The emergence.

The "Haite Lightning" was created after the idea to build. A great barbecue However, a large tube welding together with a firebox behind it was too simple. It had to be something not everyone has. It soon became clear that it will take an English "Showman" This is a fair form generator that powered entirely by steam and get a complete funfair provided power. During the building there are several ideas added to the design.



In October 2010, a few members of the Unimog Team started the construction of the "Haite Lightning" in the barn at the Achterhof family. Initially, it would go to one evening a week to make.'s Not too busy Was there a start has been made to the tube in which the tray portion will come. Quickly in After 2 week to keep this up there came an extra night a week because it still did just as expected. The "Haite Lightning" began to take after the double firebox was placed behind the tube. Its basic form A few weeks later, the claims were not going as fast as we hoped, it was tijdverovend work because no building plan was in place and everything had to be measured and the mound last job was. This resulted in the Saturday afternoon was also involved in the project. At one point it was still just thinking how evil had to roll. Coincidentally wish a farmer from the village (A. Broekema) an old dilapidated dorskast was the demolition. Below were the perfect formula for the barbeque. After these were mounted construction began on the wheels, a project in itself. The shaft had to be exactly in the middle of the tube. After a few failed attempts finally managed to get it. Exactly in the middle When the message came that it was a date on which the "Haite Lightning" had to be done eventually became more exciting. At that time the roof had to be still boarded up (Directory of Carpentry) and provided with zinc (Installatiebedr. J. Mossel). The door had to be provided with the nameplate that had to be. Riveted The supports of the roof had to be made. Only this was not to do so was contacted the local blacksmith (LBM Hofstede). The big book of iron came open and to the amazement also turned massive sleeves. Furthermore, it appeared the black lacquer yet to form. A small obstacle A normal paint will not keep going because the temperatures much higher layers as normal (about 600 degrees). The local peasant painter (Painter Haan) had found the solution and the paint was applied. The last weeks before the deadline were equally exciting. Because of the work schedule was changed slightly, and then work with the "Haite Lightning" further to around 2 o'clock in the morning for 14 days. Through many third party assistance nevertheless managed to get everything done on time, even on your 50th birthday with the construction busy! Thanks everyone!



Appearance throughout the building played a role. Was carefully done finishing and the time taken for. A simple tube will not give the result to what it is now. There was an electric motor that puts up another (operation) old engine with a tape drive will let run. There are also under the edge of the roof lights are placed which is also present in an original "showman". In all this was almost more work than the construction itself.

In 2012 was added a compressor to all this. The usefulness of this is to make it work. An original steam whistle Why not on Steam? Steam is a powerful source of energy. Order for this to work should be supported by the Lloyd's Register (stoomwezen). Everything inspected Should something go wrong and not correct, would be incalculable consequences.



The result is super to mention. At any oldtimer show where the Unimog Team will present many positive compliments inside. This was partly to do. The preparation of food is as astounding. A frozen pizza within 10 minutes and finished the meat does not get burnt. This is because there will be working with a hot air stream and not with fire.

A few figures at a glance:

Weight: 2240 kg

Construction Duration: 7 month

Maximum temperature (firebox): +600 degrees

Maximum temperature (air): 240 degrees

Maximum temperature (oven): 220 degrees


The possibilities

It's not just a barbeque what the "Haite Lightning has. It is also possible to make pizzas to bake and afbakbroodjes in the specially built oven above the firebox. In May this year were two new sponsors engined members out it still was possible to even deep-frying! They will be fired vetkool. It also happens that fired Buchenholz word. This type of wood produces as much heat as the original vetkool.



The Haite Lightning is not for rent. Where the Lightning for Haite get used include events in the village organized by Village interests Schildwolde and Jeugdsoos it Could Barely. Hiring is not possible i.v.m. the necessary permits etc

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