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On this page you will find the latest news with involvement of the Unimog Team and the 5th Oldtimer Show organized by the Unimog team on 9 and 10 september 2017.

6th Edition Unimog Team Oldtimershow
Allereerst namens alle vrijwilligers en bestuursleden de beste wensen voor 2017. Het heeft even geduurd maar we kunnen nu officieel bekendmaken dat onze volgende oldtimershow georganiseerd wordt op 9 en 10 september 2017. Tevens is ook de online aanmelding vanaf vandaag geopend. Mocht u de vorige editie aanwezig zijn geweest, dan ontvangt u van ons nog bericht met een aanmeldingsformulier en een flyer. Wat we precies gaan organiseren kunnen we nog niet melden, maar we beloven u dat het weer een spetterende editie zal gaan worden.


Since this issue, there is a small change for the purpose of parking. Normally it was parked along the Heerehuisweg in Hellum. This is just like the entrance, move to the other side of the event site. The entrance to the parking lot will be alongside highway 206 in Schildwolde. Further, this will be signposted and traffic there will be present to guide the whole in the right direction.


Error in application forms
As some has already noticed, there is a mistake in the application forms. This applies both to the forms sent by post alswel digital. To transfer money for the barbecue is listed our "normal" banknumber. Because not all banks automatically transfer the bank account numbers to IBAN here our IBAN: NL44 RABO 0129136042. We apologize for the inconvenience!


5th Edition Unimog Team Olditmershow
With a few month it so far. Then the 5th edition of the Unimog Team Classic Car Show begins. Unfortunately it did not work the organization to get around the digital registration before January. Registration for the event is available from February 1 with our online registration form which will popup in the top menu.


5th Edition Unimog Team Olditmershow
We are proud to announce that the next edition will take place on 12 and 13 Setember 2015! This edition is the fifth anniversary of the show, which will be celebrated. The precise format of how the event goes smoothly, we can not make any statements. What we can already announce that registration is open from mid-January 2015 again. If you are in possession of a vehicle olditmer in whatever form, note these dates in your diary already!



4th Edition Unimog Team Oldtimershow

Unfortunately, the 4th edition of the classic car show came to an end. After a week with good weather during the preparations were unfortunately the weather gods smiled on us during the weekend. After a beautiful Saturday and somewhat rainy Sunday which led to a muddy intention. Fortunately, the sun broke shortly after the afternoon and we have a beautiful afternoon can use. We as an organization can look back on a successful weekend despite everything. This would not happen to us by our sponsors, volunteers and of course the participants! Behalf We want to thank everyone again for their efforts!

There are also several photos taken during the weekend. These can be viewed on our website in the photo album. Within a not too distant future If you have pictures made​​, we would be happy to receive you for the website. These are to send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We are going to ensure that they are placed on the site. Obviously indicating origin.

If there are any improvements or ideas for the next edition. Do not wait and mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Allows the oranisatie do something to make. A true spectacle of the 5th edition Because together we are strong.


General Aspects.

For participants of the 4th oldtimer show we have the general aspects yet here on the website. This after several questions about it entered. Click here for a direct link.

Updates on website
 Always wondered how were the previous editions of the classic car show.Of course we had to find the book al But to give all the more impressed we have specially selected for you some footage.You can here all look back.
Whether you were wondering from whom Unimog Team Foundation Schildwolde bestaad and what men do in their daily lives?We've all had them oze peekaboo and asked everyone a piece of text about his experiences wanted to write.Furthermore, we have also written a fuctie there-so you know who is doing what.You can here click for members.


4th Team Unimog Schildwolde Oldtimer Show 2013
Make a note in Calendar! The 4th Oldtimer Show organized by the Unimog Team Schildwolde will take place on 7 and 8 September 2013. To specify this show and the Programme should you unfortunately have to wait. If more is known about these classic car show, then you can read here.



Historical festival Almere
Perhaps it is already known to you, but unfortunately it will Hisorisch festival in Almere in 2012 not occur. The organization will do its best in 2013 the event to occur. This means for us also a lack of a great festival.


Best wishes
behalf of the entire Team Unimog best wishes for 2012!


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