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General Aspects:

Oldtimer maximum of 1 per passenger can be specified. The passenger must arrive at the event. Simultaneously with the driver of the oldtimer If a passenger arrives later he or she must comply. Admission fee For the caravans money a maximum of three co-drivers.

Packed lunches are provided to each driver of a vehicle, will further if a passenger with a packed lunch is also provided (max. one passenger per vehicle)..

All participants will be given a wristband upon arrival at the event. on Saturday and Sunday.

Participation is at your own risk and you must have at least liability insurance.

The organization (Team Foundation Unimog Schildwolde) is not liable for any damage or missing items of property positioned on the event grounds.

Participation is at least 16 years of age and the driver must be in possession of a valid driving license or certificate of competence.

Can always specify for September 2, 2013 by means of send this form back or through the website. When this happens you will receive a lunch vouchers and after a keepsake.
Access times:


On Friday the event site for participants open from 10am. From 22 pm the site is no longer accessible.

On Saturday, the area open for participants from 7:00.

On Sunday, the area open for participants from 7:00.


Departure from 17.00, as otherwise discussed with the organization!


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